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Group Travel - Spend Quality Time With Friends and Family!

Group Travel

Group travel can be one of the most exciting and cost-effective ways to travel. Whether you are planning a family reunion, a bachelorette weekend, or a friend’s getaway, our advertiser, CheapOair can help structure and simplify your trip. With a group trip, you’ll get the perfect balance of a well-planned itinerary and time for your own adventures. Most importantly, group travel provides the perfect opportunity for travelers to spend some quality time with family and friends, the people they love!

Group travel - large picture of United Airlines jet.
United Airlines Jet.

Why Choose Group Travel?

Group tours are usually synonymous with big buses, camera-clicking tourists, and racing through a country to see all the best attractions. Moreover, in the travel industry, to be considered a group you must have at least 10 people. CheapOair will do all the work for you. They can put together some fantastic travel deals for your group for just about any destination. So, leave the planning of your group tour to a professional. Just sit back and relax and enjoy your trip!

Travel Note: If you have 9 or fewer people, you can still use CheapOair’s website to get some great travel bargains as well.

5 Reasons Why You Should Do Group Travel

  1. You won’t have to worry as much about planning or costs. Leave the planning and budgeting for the trip to someone else.
  2. Be able to experience new things while on vacation.
  3. You’ll bond with and learn more about your acquaintances, friends, and family.
  4. Make new friends. Perhaps you’ve decided to join a group trip where you don’t know anyone.
  5. You’ll gain new perspectives and opinions.

    Best Ways to Organize Group Travel or a Successful Group Tour

  • First, select a group leader or two.
  • Second, make offers for your group trip.
  • Compare the offers. Comparison of prices is crucial to getting the best deal.
  • Cheapest Isn’t Always the Best. Don’t be fooled by the headlines that scream cheaper deals.
  • Say No to Extras. Do not book any additional accommodations that you don’t think are necessary. This can add to the overall price of your trip.
  • Commission. The organizer of a large group sometimes is offered a discount themselves for bringing the group to the tour operator.

Your Preference – Do You Prefer To Travel Alone or in a Group?

When you travel alone, local people are more welcoming and helpful to you. When they see a group, they don’t mind. Groups can always somehow take care of themselves. However, when they see a single person traveling, it can seem awkward at first to them. Be friendly and reach out to the locals.

The 10 Best Vacation International Destinations For Large Group Travel

  1. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
  2. Tuscany, Italy
  3. Algarve, Portugal.
  4. Phuket, Thailand.
  5. Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.
  6. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  7. Cartagena, Colombia.
  8. Paris, France
  9. London, England
  10. Tokyo, Japan

Group Travel – Listed Below Are The 10 Best Group Vacation Destinations In The USA (According To John Marshall On Thrillist.com)

The only thing better than a vacation is a group vacation. Consequently, the only thing better than a break from your life is taking that break with your friends. With that said, when you roll deep, it’s hard to nail down a destination with enough bars, restaurants, “everybody in!” photo ops and activities to keep even the most ADD of your crew happy. Fortunately for you, all the hard work has been done, and picking the 10 best mid-sized American spots for you and your group to descend upon.

Group Travel - pic of Telluride, Colorado.
Telluride, Colorado

Telluride, Colorado

Where to stay: The Hotel Telluride is famous for its rustic charm and sweet hospitality (we know it’s a hotel, but everyone says they’re like, real nice, OK?). Plus, it’s reasonably priced, less busy in the summer, and just a couple blocks from downtown, which saves multiple cabs.
Carpe Diem: Telluride is the perfect spot to see what’s up with SUP boarding. The views on the Alta Lakes, or the Down Valley Park, are downright delightful, and gliding along the glassy water, upright and by paddle, is the way to savor the surrounding cliffs slowly, like some beer-sipping basilisks (the lizards that can run on water). Or, if you want more ruckus, rent ATVs from Telluride Outfitters for half or full day, and tear up all that scenic earth on four wheels.
Carpe Noctem: Eat at Black Iron Kitchen & Bar, a mountainside eatery that’s big enough to accommodate your crew. At least one of you should try their specialty: steamed king salmon, quinoa, tempe, arame corn salad, and arugula frisée salad. Or head to Jerry Greene’s joint, Baked in Telluride (open since 1975), for pizza, plus local wine and beer. Main Street is also packed with taverns, like the Last Dollar Saloon, fit for a well-lathered crawl.
Bonus group activity: Try not to break your neck/meet cool locals — you can never have too many friends — at the Telluride Town Park Skate Park.

Group Travel - pic of Charlotte, NC.
Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina

Where to stay: This 8,000-square-foot stone house has plenty of space to crash with six bedrooms, walnut floors and a big swimming pool. Rent it with your friends for $305/night.
Carpe Diem: Go on a private safari at the Lazy 5 Ranch, where you can cruise along and view exciting animals of all stripes (giraffes, ostriches, rhinos, etc.), and some animals of literally all stripes (zebras). Or, if a languid expedition in your own car is too chilly for some of your crew, have them rev their engines at Victory Lane Karting. This spot is unlike whatever other go-kart you’ve already tried. Further, it’s a “European style.” That (apparently) means its whips use Honda GX 270 RH 9HP, non-governed engines. They average 45 mph, so get ready to strap on a helmet.
Carpe Noctem: For group travel, a trip to Charlotte is a total waste if your gang doesn’t eat themselves silly touring the city’s dynamic food scene. If you need a starting point, definitely make plans to eat Carolina-style BBQ at Midwood Smokehouse; their brisket is so good, and not remotely lean (which is why it’s very good). Check out TILT if you’re feeling flossy and want some dirty dancing in a chandelier-dangling club — just look fresh, as there’s a strict dress code. You can sip martinis at 300 East, or hit the Moosehead Grill, a bar that inhabits an iconic American, red-roofed building (it was formerly a Pizza Hut).
Bonus group activity: Head over to the 500-acre US National Whitewater Center, the largest whitewater river in the world. Other activities there: zip-lining, kayaking, and rock climbing.

Group Travel - pic of Austin, TX.
Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

Where to stay: This music-themed vacation home accommodates six for $290/night.
Carpe Diem: No food lends itself to sharing quite like BBQ (wait, you were going to eat that rack yourself?) so make any stay in Austin meat-themed. To work up an appetite, cruise to New Braunfels and go tubing down the Guadalupe. Exit to Gruene to hang out at Texas’ oldest country music dance hall (because you wanted to last time, but tubing and/or dancing by yourself isn’t cool unless you’re Billy Idol). Then, rent a party barge on Lake Austin, which is basically right in the middle of the city. Def climb Enchanted Rock, the world’s largest granite structure; it’s totally badass.
Carpe Noctem:More BBQ, duh. And, no matter what sort of nightlife your friends are into, you’ll find it — from the well, dirty, at the Dirty 6th, where the streets are lit by live music, near everywhere, to more mature cocktailing at Rainey Street.
Bonus group activity: McKinney Falls kayaking/war-canoeing.

Group Travel - pic of Roanoke, VA.
Roanoke, Virginia

Roanoke, Virginia

Where to stay: Hotel Roanoke is a massive Tudor-style building (circa 1882); it’s restored so nicely that it’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places, so tell that friend to keep his shoes off the furniture. Rooms start at $99/night.
Carpe Diem: Eat a proper Southern meal at The Roanoker, a local icon since 1941, and beloved for its biscuits (from-scratch biscuit-making is hard to get right and easy to ruin). Hike up to the top of Mill Mountain, 1,040 feet above Roanoke, a vantage point that unfurls miles from the craggily gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains. At the summit, take a group photo at the Roanoke Star, the largest light-up star anywhere, which has adorned the top of the town since 1949.
Carpe Noctem: For group travel, check out some legit live gospel, roots, and bluegrass along the famous Crooked Road, on Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail. Since you’re deep in tobacco territory, you may as well stop in and enjoy the neon-lit Underground Hookah Lounge, which is both literally and figuratively “underground.”
Bonus group activity: Check out the Community Arboretum, two acres of lush gardens with 700 distinct plant species. Or: catch a trucker out of Philly à la Bob Dylan.

Group Travel - pic of Santa Fe, NM.
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Where to stay: You and five friends can post up in this 190-year-old adobe for $385/night.
Carpe Diem: The Puye Cliff Dwellings have been a-rockin’ spot since 900 AD when Pueblo Native Americans first built their living spaces into the mountainside here — think of it as how your realtor would describe it: earthy, and pre-war. There are more than 700 rooms, enough to accommodate everyone you’ve ever met. Later, bug out at the Harrell House of Natural Oddities, where you can handle tarantulas, scorpions, and other desert-dwelling creepy crawlies for a couple of bucks, and determine which of your friends are yellow-bellied. Then, take a hike up Atalaya Mountain, which has several trails divided by difficulty, all of which provide a good view of the entire valley, no matter what shape your buddies are in at vay-cay time.
Carpe Noctem: Get seasonal cocktails at Secreto Lounge, then head to The Den, in the downstairs section of the Coyote Café (where you should have gone earlier to eat innovative Southwestern cuisine). It gets weird in a good way around 1 a.m., and local hero DJs spin right around.
Bonus group activity: Check out Madrid, a classic Old West mining settlement that went full ghost (town). After WWII, the eerily deserted spot is now a popular stop-off for both hippies and Hell’s Angels. It’s not exactly dangerous, but having your crew as backup isn’t exactly a bad idea, either.

Group Travel - pic of Charleston, SC.
Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina

Where to stay: Rent this “spacious oasis” downtown for $250/night; it’s an Old South four-bedroom house with chic furnishings. You guys have finally made it.
Carpe Diem: In addition to historic sites like Fort Sumter, there’s the South Carolina Aquarium, which is to say it’s packed with marine critters to scope out. None of them have the complex limbic system and accordant emotional lives as orca whales, so relax, there are just some fish and fish-sent stuff. Theatre 99 also holds improv and local theatre that beats a blockbuster any day.
Carpe Noctem: For group travel, the Charleston food scene is on fire right now, so arrive hungry. Check out The Ordinary for its excellent seafood and giant balcony, or the Craftsman Kitchen & Tap House’s tavern-like vibe (brawls optional). Hit the Grocery for some low country fare and be sure to catch Edmund’s Oast — possibly the best beer bar in the south, and suitably enormous.
Bonus group activity: Charleston has a lot of history, which naturally lends itself to good ghost tours, but then, so does the accent. One, in particular, Bull Dog Tours. It claims to offer all sorts of, two of which are pub crawls and ghost tours, respectively.

Group Travel - pic of San Juan, PR.
San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Where to stay: This three-bedroom house, in the heart of Old San Juan, is cozy AF and accommodates 8 for $120/night.
Carpe Diem: Go to Condado Beach and do whatever it is you do at a beautiful Caribbean beach. Then, walk around in Old San Juan, and be transported straight to a Spanish Colonial city, where pastel shades of green, pink, and purple flank cobblestone streets. Savor those tropical time-capsule sights, but don’t get so heady that you forget to go to Don Collins Cigars on Cristo Street, which has been around for five centuries, and where the first cigar is always free. If you don’t take a group pic here, you are bad at vacations.
Carpe Noctem: Before you suckle on a stogey like a Batman villain, sharpen up with $1 shots at Los 3 Cuernos. The au courant San Juan cocktail is called chichaíto, a traditional Puerto Rican after-dinner drink that’s been revived by the mod San Juan scene, and which you should learn how to say so you can order it (chee-chah-ee-tow, bro). Also, non-MLB baseball games here are really good and cost like two clams (USD).
Bonus group activity: Go to the Bacardi factory, learn why the bat is their logo, and bring back small talk that’s relevant in any bar as a free souvenir for the friends you didn’t invite.

Group Travel - pic of Sedona, AZ.
Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona

Where to stay: Stay at this spiritual space adjacent to the Coconino National Forest and the Sedona Sacred Rocks for $155/night; it accommodates up to 7 people.
Carpe Diem: Should you and your boys enjoy a more chill vibe, were Sedona not a town, but rather a girl you met at a party, she’d say she wasn’t religious, but she’s spiritual. By that, we mean that there are four things locally called vortexes, described as energy vacuums. Try visiting spas and pondering larger questions by getting a little chill. Also, try tubing at Slide Rock State Park. There’s a creek that runs over a bare bed of red rock, which is evidently slick and gives the place its moniker. Further, there’s off-roading with an abundance of hiking and camping tours.
Carpe Noctem: Full Moon Saloon has a very generous karaoke song selection, but Relics is really the spot to check out. It’s the oldest continually operating restaurant in town, where you should split Tilapia and Prawn Napoleon. Also, depending on the night, there’s a jazz band, a dance floor, or some other evening reason to come through.
Bonus group activity: Go to Red Rock State Park and enjoy its dramatic cliffs and rich color scheme. Like the cartoon, try to drop an anvil on a roadrunner.

Group Travel - Pic of Santa Barbara, California.
Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara, California

Where to stay: This two-bedroom house on the Santa Barbara Riviera has views of the ocean and downtown, and a hot tub, for $240/night.
Carpe Diem: For group travel, hop aboard a boat bound for the Santa Barbara Channel. While there, check out the Channel Islands National Park. It is a string of five uninhabited islands. Also, enjoy abundant Californian flora and fauna, including dolphins, whales, seals, and sea lions. Or, if Mike had too many shots last night, hike up to the Gaviota Hot Springs; the trail is about 6 miles long. In addition, there are two natural springs to soak in at its end.
Carpe Noctem: Eat at Sandbar, a Mexican restaurant with generous outdoor space, fire pits, and good eats. Then get down at the Blind Tiger, a three-story nightclub. It is equipped with throbbing bass, beautiful locals, and burlesque shows. Also, check out Velvet Jones to see if you’re more into a divey space with live music. Further, Old Kings Road is a great pub and has Spanish-style architecture, a hallmark of Santa Barbara. It complements the mild Mediterranean climate here perfectly.
Bonus group activity: Rincon Point is a famous point break, so rent a longboard and hang ten, or just hang around and enjoy the surf show.

Group Travel - Pic of Stuart, Florida.
Stuart, Florida

Stuart, Florida

Where to stay: Rent this jewel box of a cottage downtown for $111/night.
Carpe Diem: A picturesque, unspoiled Floridian town is a rare thing, but Stuart proves that places under the mythic banner of “Old Florida” still exist. Its downtown is quaint, un-crowded, and consists mostly of locally owned businesses. To get a sense of it, take the Riverwalk, and people- or boat-watch. You could also hit up the Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center to get schooled on (and see) local marine life.
Carpe Noctem: Eat the pulled pork at Bono’s BBQ & Grill for some smoky seaside fare. Check out Crush Bar on the weekend for a chill club with old-school beats. Also, look to shoot pool at Stix Billiards Club. Further, the Terra Fermata Tiki Bar is a joint with tropical vibes, live & beach music, hammocks, tattered couches, and a giant Jenga game.
Bonus group activity: ​Since you’ve got a group, you can hire a private charter boat for deep-sea fishing and catch your dinner. In addition, dolphin fish, or as you see it on menus, “Mahi-mahi,” are all up in these waters.
Pro tip: if you catch a “schoolie,” or a dolphin fish that is small enough to cruise in a school leave the line after you hook one, and the rest of the school will stay with it. Just don’t devour the whole group, it’s unsportsmanlike.

Booking Group Travel Packages

When it comes to group travel packages, CheapOair is the only choice! Their group travel consultants bring over 25 years of combined experience in planning and booking group vacation packages. In addition, they can help you plan, book, and manage all of your group travel needs. This includes family reunions, alumni reunions, destination weddings, student group travel, and family vacations. Also, sporting events, meetings, corporate events, retreats, missionary travel, and so much more.

With CheapOair, you have access to over 18 million discounted fares around the world. This includes partnerships with top vacation and cruise purveyors. Whether it’s a group of 20 for training, 200 for an incentive trip, or 2,000 for an annual sales meeting, they can help you operate it successfully. Their long-standing relationship with airlines allows them to offer specially discounted fares for your travelers. So, what are you waiting for? Book your group travel package on CheapOair today!

A. Group Travel – So You’re Looking For Great Travel Deals For 10 Or More People?

Simply Go To Group Travel, Click ⇒ CheapOair Banner #1⇐ and Highlight “MORE” from the top-line menu, then under “Top Deals,” select “Group Travel.”

Fill in the Group Travel Request form on the left-hand side of this link. One of CheapOair’s agents will contact you for your group information. CheapOair’s agents will then assist you with all your group travel needs.

B. Group Travel – Are You Looking For Great Travel Deals For 9 People Or Less?

Go To Group Travel, Click ⇒ CheapOair Banner #1⇐ and Highlight “MORE” from the top-line menu, then under “Top Deals,” select “Group Travel.”

For an immediate search of Special Group Fares for groups of 9 people or less, just click on the booking form link and begin your search. They offer great fares, and their agents are on-site to help with any size group, so get started today!

Groups can be small enough to feel like you’re exploring a destination independently, but big enough to create a good social vibe. Group sizes will vary depending on where and how you’re traveling. The average group size is about 10 people. Also, CheapOair has learned that it’s a great number to let you connect with the people you meet. You don’t want to feel like you’re just another face in the crowd.

CheapOair has put years of research into its itineraries, operators, and accommodation. Therefore, you can focus on real-life experiences. So why spend time agonizing over every detail of your adventure? You can leave it to someone who lives and breathes your style of travel. And if you’re traveling solo, a small group tour has its perks too. It means ready-made friends who are itching to explore exciting attractions just like you.

Just the Right Balance For You!

The best small group adventures strike the perfect balance between planned activities and ‘you time’. After all, CheapOair doesn’t want to cramp your style – it’s your holiday. Although you’ll have an itinerary to stick to, there are always opportunities to make the journey a little more you. Found a cafe you want to try? Do you want to add on an Urban Adventure? With CheapOair, there’s always room for improvisation and an adventure of your own!

Most importantly, if you just need a shortcut to CheapOair’s Group Travel Section, click on the text link and go here ⇒https://www.cheapoair.com/group-travel-deals

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  1. Great information, thank you! Although I don’t have any plans to travel in the near future (we live on a farm–travel is rare) I know others who will benefit from the information and I’ll share it with them. Of course, with the pandemic, travel is more limited right now, but everyone is planning for upcoming months.

    Do these offers help for people from other countries planning to visit the USA? When restrictions are lifted, I have friends planning to visit.

    • Thank you, Diane for your comments. Yes, the offers are good for anyone using CheapOair’s system to travel. They have many years of experience booking group travel so your friends will be in good hands when they are ready to book their trip!


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