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Car Rental

If your are looking for the best car rental, then you have come to the right place!  Therefore, allow us to help you save big on your next car rental.  Find the best car rental with great savings. Browse an inventory of hundreds of the best car rentals around.  In short, select your ideal rental car fast.  Save Today! Get the best deal with a Lowest Price Guarantee included. 

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Get The Best Car Rental Deal On The Internet

In brief, finding the best deal can be a frustrating experience with all the different options online.  If you are like many travelers, it is common to find yourself clicking around the world wide web for hours chasing the best deal and finding a never ending set of offers. Therefore, let us get you the best deal available.  Also, you can find the best deals in all major airports worldwide from all of the leading brands.

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In fact, getting the best deal has never been so easy!  Now you can find and book unbelievably cheap rental deals to all your travel destinations with just a snap of your finger when booking with CheapOair.  Likewise, whether you are looking for an economy car, a spacious sedan, a luxury or a SUV, you’ll find great rates with CheapOair.

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Exclusive Car Deals!

Shopping For The Best Deal

Right from leaving the airport, to being dropped off at your hotel, to sightseeing, a pre-booked car rental is without a doubt the most convenient means to explore a destination. To make your travel more pleasant, CheapOair has an amazing assortment of deals to make your trip easy and budget friendly. Take advantage of these discounted car rental rates and enjoy a hassle-free trip. What are you waiting for?

Let us help you make the most of your trip with a discount car rental or bargain airport deal.  Best Price Guarantee on any car.  Book the best rental car on CheapOair and get the most out of your trip!

Car Rental – Deals

How To Get A Great Deal:

  • Know your providers:  Not all rental car companies are created equal. It is important to understand how each is unique and how they can serve you best. Things to consider before deciding on a particular car rental company includes prices, car types available, service fees, and locations. All of these can drastically change your rental experience. Consider which factors are most important to you. If it is price, you may need to sacrifice luxury. Convenience, you may need to sacrifice price.  Car model, you may need to sacrifice convenience of rental location.  Certain companies are famous for adhering to particular requests.
  • Search through online travel sites:  The major online agencies like CheapOair negotiate with the car rental companies to offer competitive rates. Since they are always competing for your business, you can often get better deals than in person or over the phone. Keep in mind, like airfare, the further in advance you book the more you will save yourself money. Also, try using flexible dates to get better pricing. This also allows you to compare rates of dozens of car companies without much effort.
  • Join rental car loyalty programs:  By joining a car loyalty program, you can earn free days or, as an alternative, points or miles. The car rental’s programs sometimes give preferred deals that are not available through other channels. The more you use this card, the more discounts you will get. However, this means you may be missing competitive rates to build up points for later. So consider the average pricing before deciding to commit to a particular car rental company.
  • Look for discount or referral codes:  These discount codes are often available to you through your rewards programs, credit card services, and car associations. Most of them have either discounts, miles or points that you can earn. These companies and associations work hard for you to keep you loyal.  They always have a steady stream of new offers, discounts and rewards to save you money. Often times they make a small percentage on the deals you take through them so they always have the incentive to negotiate good deals for you.

Cars for rent at the airport.
Travelers Tip:

The rental cost depends on the car’s size & the rental period. For example, renting a subcompact car can cost $38 per day while a full-size van can cost $140. It’s generally cheaper to rent for a full week than it is to rent for five or more individual days. 


Most important, remember to use your own car insurance for domestic car rentals.  Also, use the car rental company’s insurance for international rentals.  Heaven forbid should you have an accident, you will be covered.  Therefore, if you waive the insurance clause, any damages to your rental will be put on your credit card.  It is best to be safe then sorry when traveling!

Car Rental – Locations

Top Locations

In short, booking the best rental car anywhere in the world couldn’t be simpler with CheapOair. Below are some destinations where great deals can be purchased.  Also, these deals are in some of our top travel locations.  Get Around The City For Less.  Lowest Price Guaranteed Too.  Therefore, Book Now!

  • London Car Rentals
  • Maui Rental Cars
  • Fort Lauderdale Car Rentals
  • Honolulu Rental Cars 
  • Newark, NJ Car Rentals
  • San Juan Rental Cars
  • Dublin Rental Cars
  • Barcelona Car Rentals
  • Washington, DC Rental Cars
  • West Palm Beach Car Rentals
  • Madrid Rental Cars
  • Paris Car Rentals

Exclusive Car Deals!

4 thoughts on “Car Rental”

  1. You mention renting for one week instead of five days individually, but would you receive any credit for bringing the car back early? Also what kind of bargain car rentals tend to be the best deals. An example would a Toyota Prius be a bigger bargain than a Honda Accord? Or would it be pretty similar and the brand of the vehicle only factor in when it’s luxury vs traditional?

    • Thank you Eric for your comments. Usually, car rental companies will give you a better deal when renting for a week then for a time period of just a few days. Yes car rentals will take the car back for less than a week. Most will make an adjustment for the return. Sub-compacts cars generally are offered with the best bargains. The rates will go up as the car selected gets bigger. Luxury cars, trucks and vans are usually the most expensive. Last year, I rented a Toyota Prius (hybrid) for about $9.95 per day which was a great bargain. I had it for a long weekend.

  2. I did not know that I could also get a car rental from CheapOAir. I have used them before for airline tickets. Guess I wasn’t paying attention. Be nice to get everything as a package deal. And yes, I always fudge with the rates, as a lot of times it is cheaper to get the weekly rate, than rent for a few days short of a week. They won’t always tell you that with the car rental companies. Thanks for another great post!

    • Your welcome. CheapOair has everything on their website – airfare, hotels, car rentals, vacation packages and cruises. One stop- shopping.

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